Where Do Wild Turkeys Sleep at Night?

December 31, 2023

Turkey meat is a staple in many people’s diets, and the animals used to make it are subjected to horrific living conditions on turkey farms. It is important to know where wild turkeys sleep at night, so you can be more aware of the importance of protecting old growth forests and avoiding cruel turkey farming practices.

Wild turkeys are diurnal birds, so they are active during the day and sleep at night. They tend to roost in trees to provide protection from predators. Their excellent vision is not as good at night, and they can be easily spooked by predators that can creep up on them from below.

The best way to approach a turkey roost at night is to be quiet and move slowly so you do not disturb the birds. You should also avoid using your headlamp, as this will alert the turkeys to your presence and scare them off.

As the sun sets, a flock of turkeys will quietly march to their chosen roost sites without making a peep that could attract unwanted attention from predators. Hens will cluck their way up into the branches, and gobblers will often belt out a few yelps once they are comfortable in their branches.

In addition to being able to stay safe in tree tops, turkeys can cling to the sides of trees and tuck their heads under their wings to protect them from predators that may be trying to reach them from below. Unlike humans, turkeys can squat while roosting in trees, so they do not have to worry about falling off or being blown off the side of the tree by windy weather. If you want to figure out whether a turkey is male or female without waking them up, just look at their poop. Male poop is shaped like the letter ‘J’, while female poop looks like little spirals.


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