Where Do Wild Hogs Sleep During the Day?

October 8, 2023

The answer to this question depends on a variety of environmental factors. Feral hogs are rugged and adaptable animals, and their daytime schedules are no exception. They adjust to changes in food supply, water availability, habitat quality and interspersion, season, climatic conditions and disturbance by humans.

Cold weather encourages more general activity, while warmer conditions force hogs to stay close to bedding locations. If the weather is warm and dry, hogs will root for food throughout the day and spend the evenings resting.

Public land hunters across Texas, California and beyond often see success using a spot-and-stalk strategy to hunt feral hogs during the day. By stalking through thick, almost impenetrable brush in the shade and winding down a shot, hunters can make a positive impact on wildlife management while enjoying the thrill of the pursuit.

In cooler climates, hogs will typically move around more during the morning hours and at dusk before retiring to their bedding locations for the night. However, when the temperatures rise, hogs are more likely to seek cool, shady areas where they can rest and avoid the sun’s glare.

Hogs have poor internal temperature regulation and cannot sweat like other mammals, so they rely on activities such as rooting for food and wallowing to keep themselves cool. Look for signs of these behaviors, such as mud and damp ground or areas with rubbing spoor (hogs rub their bodies against fence rails, logs, trees, etc., to mark their territory).


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