Where Do Wild Hogs Sleep During the Day?

December 27, 2023

Wild hogs are an invasive species that compete with native wildlife and livestock for food. They also degrade the habitat of a wide range of native species, and can spread dangerous diseases such as pseudorabies, trichinosis, and swine brucellosis to humans and pets. These feral pigs can destroy property and cause serious injuries to people, pets, livestock, and the environment.

While hogs are primarily nocturnal animals, their natural foods begin to disappear during winter and they will travel more in daylight hours in search of food. This is where hunters can gain a competitive advantage.

Conduct a forage analysis on the property you hunt and focus your baiting efforts in areas where you can expect to find hogs. This is most likely to occur in agricultural fields where corn and other grains are left over from harvests. Look for hog rubs and tracks on a field’s edge where the ground is covered with fresh mud from scouring the soil with their broad snouts. Any mud on the tips of a tree, log, or fence rail is unmistakable evidence that hogs have passed by.

The best way to entice these varmints into your hunting zone is by using a flight of bay dogs, or curs, to scent the pigs and bay them out of their daytime slumber. Hunters can then follow the bayed pigs into range for a clean shot before they eat or travel again.


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