Where Do Wild Hogs Sleep?

December 28, 2023

When it comes to bedding and traveling, feral pigs are a little more nomadic than their wild boar cousins. They may be able to make it a day or two without sleeping, but even in hot weather they are up and wandering for food during the nighttime hours (when hunting is legal).

During daylight hours feral hogs will typically bed down at bedding areas. They are particularly fond of muddy areas where they can roll around and become caked with the mud to help fight off biting insects and keep their skin from burning in the sun. Look for mud rubs—areas where feral pigs have rubbed their snouts against trees, logs, fence posts or other immovable objects. Fresh mud rubs are a sure sign that feral hogs are nearby.

Hogs are also attracted to water and will often visit ponds, creeks and other water sources throughout the day to bathe and cool off. If it is hot, hogs will travel long distances to get to a good water hole. They will bathe and roll in the water to cool off, and it is not uncommon to find hogs with their heads underwater for an hour or more.

Wild hogs are adept at rooting for food in the soil with their broad snouts, and will often disturb the ground and leave behind the appearance of a plowed field. For this reason, open agricultural fields and ranch lands are often preferred hunting spots for wild hogs.


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