Where Do Wild Bunnies Sleep?

December 30, 2023

Rabbits are a common sight in many yards munching on grass and hopping around bird feeders. But what do bunnies do during the day? And where do they sleep?

In the wild, rabbits spend the majority of their time in a burrow, which protects them from predators and extreme temperatures. The rabbits create a tunnel system known as a warren with multiple entryways, so they can escape quickly if danger arises.

During the day, the rabbits stay crouched beneath logs or bushes to avoid aerial predators like birds and coyotes. They may also hide in thickets of thorny bushes or brush piles to conceal themselves from ground-level predators. They also take advantage of secluded places in the open, such as under sheds or outbuildings.

Rabbits typically take naps during the day to relax and recharge. They’ll often nap on their back or sides, since these positions can allow them to wake up more easily if they’re in danger. They may even sleep with their eyes wide open, as this allows them to keep an eye out for predators and other potential hazards.

While this behavior is not unusual, it’s important to remember that bunnies are solitary animals and will only nap together if they’re nursing their babies (yep, baby bunnies are called kittens). They don’t nest together or live in groups, but instead live individually as they eat, explore, play, and take care of their young. Bunnies need opportunities to socialize, lots of space to run and jump, and plenty of toys and objects they can chew or roll to keep them entertained, as otherwise they can become withdrawn and depressed.


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