Where Do We Go When We Sleep Spiritually?

November 30, 2023

Spirituality is a broad area of belief and practice. It’s about finding meaning and purpose, connecting with something larger than yourself – and it can be very different from religion. It often involves the belief that there’s more to life than what’s measurable through science, more to the universe than just random electrical impulses in our brains, and that there’s a higher form of intelligence or consciousness running everything. It also focuses on the quest for wisdom and understanding, and often involves a desire to overcome suffering or difficulties in life.

A lot of people shy away from finding their spirituality because they think it’s outside of their religion. But it’s actually a deeper, more meaningful way of living. It’s about bringing the whole of you – your mental, physical, and emotional worlds – together. It’s about being more fulfilled, happier, and healthier. It’s about feeling like your relationships work better, your work is more connected to your soul, and that you’re doing things that have a greater purpose.

Some people find their spirituality through meditation or yoga, but it can be anything that connects you to something bigger than yourself – like nature, prayer, or volunteering. Often, it’s through ritual – following certain actions with a sense of reverence or seriousness. This could include reading or listening to spiritual teachings, discussing them with others, and even memorizing texts. It can also involve serving others, whether through feeding the homeless or social reform, or online community support.


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