Where Do Vampires Live and Sleep?

October 18, 2023

Vampires are soulless creatures roaming the world of humans searching for fresh blood to drink. They can spend the night hunting, feasting and indulging in cerebrations but they must return to their coffins before sunrise or they will be destroyed. But can vampires really survive without sleep?

The truth is that vampires can live and work all day long, they just need to find a place where they can hide during the daylight. For this reason, they tend to stay away from cities and large towns. They are also often repelled by garlic, running water and Christian implements such as crosses. This is why they prefer to hunt in the wild or in rural areas.

But, despite the fact that vampires don’t need to sleep, they do have to take frequent breaks to avoid sunburns and other problems related to sunlight exposure. It is also important for them to rest in a sanctuary that is totally unrecognizable by mortals. If they don’t, they risk being discovered and burned to ashes by someone wielding a wooden stake.

In the past, vampires used to have some particular requirements when it came to their sanctuaries but these requirements seem to have changed over time. For example, Bram Stoker’s Dracula had to ship boxes full of soil from his homeland (Transylvania) with him whenever he traveled. This was probably because the vampire believed that this would help him sleep better. But, nowadays, it seems like most vampires have given up this particular requirement.


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