Where Do Turkeys Sleep at Night?

October 23, 2023

When the sun sets and it’s time for turkeys to roost for the night they head up into the trees. The roost is important for them as they cannot see well in the dark and they have predators that may try to steal their eggs or poults (babies).

Wild turkeys will choose a tree to roost in that provides enough coverage of both branches and height to allow them to sleep safely. They will also select a tree that has an adequate supply of year round needles and leaves for their needs. Pine and Hemlock trees are commonly chosen as roost locations.

After a long night on the limb, mature Toms will wake up at first light and gobble in a series of loud vocalizations that let other males know they are there and letting them know he is ready to mate with any females he comes across. This process will occur until all hens are mated with or the weather or predators force them to find another roost site.

Domesticated turkeys, on the other hand, do not sleep in trees because they have been bred to be much larger than their wild counterparts and cannot fly very far due to this size difference. Because of this, they sleep in enclosed pens prepared by their owners. However, they do not hesitate to fly out of their pens at times when the weather is good to rest on nearby trees on the farm.


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