Where Do Truckers Sleep?

October 15, 2023

The short answer is, “in their trucks.” Long-haul truck drivers and local truck drivers who transport goods to and from consignees may sleep in their rigs. Most over the road truckers have a sleeper cab, which is a compartment behind the driver’s seat that has a bed. It can be bare bones, but many truckers will add storage, blackout curtains, and other features to make this small sleeping space more comfortable. This allows them to save money on lodging expenses while still getting enough rest to remain safe and productive on the road.

While they are on the road, most truckers will park their rigs at truck stops or common rest areas along interstate highways. These facilities have large parking lots that can easily accommodate semis and other large vehicles. The truckers can also use the restrooms, which are usually clean and updated, to take a shower and wash up. Truck stops often have food establishments, such as diners or national fast-food chain restaurants, that provide meals and beverages to their customers. They may also have a convenience store and gas pumps.

While there are some exceptions, most truck drivers will not sleep in hotels because of the high cost. They also have to spend time checking in and out of the hotel, which can delay their schedule and affect their arrival at load sites on time. They are also required by law to keep electronic logs of their driving hours, so they can be checked by enforcement officers at any time.


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