Where Do Tree Squirrels Sleep?

January 7, 2024

Many people are astonished to learn that, despite their rambunctious appearance as they climb, run and play throughout the day, squirrels spend a lot of time sleeping. In fact, it is estimated that they sleep up to 60% of the day. That translates to approximately 15 hours of shut-eye every single day! So, where do they go to get their much-needed rest? In this article, we’ll explore the various places where squirrels retreat to find warmth and comfort for their naps.

Some of the most common places where squirrels sleep are nests, tree cavities, and leaf litter. Tree squirrels, such as Gray, Red, and Fox squirrels, often construct a nest known as a drey which is comprised of small twigs, branches, moss, leaves, and bark. These homes are usually placed high in the limbs of a tree where they can avoid predators. In addition, ground squirrels build a burrow in the earth where they can hide from predators.

In the winter, squirrels who live in trees can escape freezing temperatures by sleeping inside their dreys. These home-like structures are made to keep warm using a combination of natural and manmade materials such as branches, twigs, grass, leaves, moss, and bark. The squirrels’ own body heat helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the dreys, too.

Other than dreys, acorns, and other natural shelters, squirrels may also use abandoned bird nests or even make a den in the attic of a home. However, since these locations can be dangerous for squirrels, most of them will not settle in a location that will put them in danger from predators or other elements. Fortunately, homeowners can prevent squirrels from moving into their homes by sealing cracks and gaps, and installing screens over vents and chimneys.


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