Where Do The Bees Sleep Prisoner Guide

November 12, 2023

Where Do The Bees Sleep Prisoner is a small side objective in Mission 6: “Where Do The Bees Sleep.” This mission takes place at Smasei Fort, and the US military’s new weapon code-named Honey Bee is well hidden. During the mission, a Mujahideen survivor named Hamid will be captured by the Soviets. If Snake rescues him before he’s bundled into a car, a cutscene will trigger where he can help Venom Snake find the weapon. Alternatively, the player can also Fulton him out to get the same result without triggering the cutscene. Either way, the survivor will mark the location of the Honey Bee on Snake’s iDroid.

If Snake decides to rescue the prisoner, he should extract him at Mountain Relay Base before he’s transported out of the base. After that, he can follow the Soviet soldiers and the snipers who are tailing them to Smasei Fort. Keep in mind that it’s best to keep an eye out for additional patrols around the area, and evade them whenever possible (or use a tranquilizer).

Once at Smasei Fort, the prisoner will point out the location of the Honey Bee on Snake’s map. He’ll show the location of the case in a room inside a cave system at the bottom of the fort. From here, Snake can either fend off the snipers or call in a chopper to clear out the entire Skulls unit from the area. Taking out all of the snipers will not only void the objectives regarding not using the Honey Bee, but it will also increase Snake’s mission bonus.


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