Where Do The Bees Sleep Metal Gear Walkthrough

December 7, 2023

Where do the bees sleep metal gear is one of the longer missions in Chapter 1 and it has a lot of enemies. However it’s also one of the more fun and rewarding if you know how to do it right. We’ve got a walkthrough of how to beat the mission and unlock the bonus rewards.

After dropping off at the Smasei landing zone (you can get there by destroying anti-air radar beforehand) you want to land and stay in prone mode to take as little damage as possible. Once you do make your way to the base and go NORTH EAST. Once you see the prisoner you can extract him and then tranq everyone else on your way to the honey bee. It will take a few rounds but you should easily be able to S rank this mission with the sniper rifle and some good timing.

Once you get to the fort you will see some soldiers escorting a prisoner inside. If you’re quick and stealthy enough you can sneak behind them and kill the prisoner before they notice. This will complete one of the secret tasks for this mission and it’s a good idea to do so anyway because you won’t have any Honey Bee ammo left once you finish killing all the Skull soldiers.

Once you’ve killed the prisoner you can grab the Honey Bee missile launcher and then return to Mother Base. Before you do though make sure to call in a heavy weapons load out to the Smasei base from your iDroid so that you have plenty of firepower once you fight off all the Soviet soldiers.


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