Where Do Stray Cats Sleep?

October 12, 2023

You may have noticed that some of the cats in your neighborhood are always sleeping outside. They might be feral or strays that were abandoned by their owners or simply got lost. Despite having no home, they are still independent and can survive through hunting small animals like mice or birds, rifling through rubbish bins, or even stealing from other cat’s food bowls. Often, they also sleep outside to save on energy that is needed for their day-time activities.

Nonetheless, living outdoors can be dangerous as these cats are vulnerable to predators and other health risks. These threats are amplified when they are sleeping as they will be more susceptible to attacks from their predators due to their small size. Hence, stray and feral cats will only sleep in areas that meet a set of very specific criteria to ensure their safety and security.

Some of these safe places that strays and feral cats prefer to sleep at night include:

Abandoned warehouses are ideal for outdoor cats to hang out because they offer refuge, safety, food, and hiding spots. This is also because these buildings are quiet and far from traffic. Therefore, they do not attract the attention of other animals and predators that might cause them harm.


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