Where Do Stray Cats Sleep at Night?

December 25, 2023

Stray cats live in a constantly changing environment, and understanding their needs is a challenge. They must be able to adapt to new situations and overcome challenges like extreme temperatures, disease and pests, as well as predators. In order to survive, stray cats must seek shelter that is warm and dry during the night. They also need to have access to food and water. They often choose locations that are up high so they can survey their surroundings without being seen by predators.

Just like their wild ancestors, feral and stray cats are nocturnal. The dark allows them to socialise and hunt. For females in season, the night provides an ideal opportunity for them to detect the fragrance of healthy toms prowling the area and attract a partner with whom they can breed.

As the night progresses, feral and stray cats will usually huddle together as they sleep. This is because they want to keep each other warm and guard young family members that may be vulnerable. They also prefer to sleep in places that are sheltered from all angles so that they can avoid predators.

Cats that are maintained as pets, however, tend to be able to adjust their sleeping patterns. They will often sleep indoors when they’re not hunting, but they also have the option of sleeping outdoors if they prefer this. Some cats will sleep outside only for a short period of time to see what it’s like and then go back inside to their warm beds. Others will become accustomed to this and make it their permanent choice.


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