Where Do Squirrels Sleep When It Rains?

November 29, 2023

Squirrels are smart and adaptable creatures. They can sense when bad weather is looming and take the appropriate precautions. When rain hits, they seek shelter in a variety of places depending on the temperature and duration of the rainfall.

Most commonly, tree squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) seek shelter in a hollow tree or a leaf nest known as a “drey.” The foundation of a drey is made from twigs and moss that are woven together. The outer lining is usually composed of leaves, twigs, and fur. During a rainstorm, squirrels will remain relatively dry in a tree hollow depending on how far into the tree they are, but they may get wet in an open leaf nest.

Other types of squirrels, like ground squirrels, typically seek shelter in their dens or underground burrows during a rainstorm. They can also take shelter in a cave or any small nook or cranny they find that is large enough to fit into.

Alternatively, squirrels can simply use their tail as a makeshift umbrella. They will curl it over their back and then continue to eat or play while staying protected from the rain. Squirrels don’t mind the rain but they do not enjoy getting wet. They will usually stay in their hiding place until the sun comes out and dries them off naturally.


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