Where Do Squirrel Sleep?

November 7, 2023

Despite their energetic and playful behavior, squirrels spend up to 60% of their day asleep. This is the equivalent of 15 hours of sleep every single day. So, where do squirrels get their much-needed rest after a long day of searching for and burying food? This article will explore the different places squirrels go to sleep at night.

Tree squirrels build their nests in the form of a drey made from small twigs, grass, branches, leaves and moss lining. They often build dreys in the fork of tree branches or in tree cavities, such as those created by woodpeckers. They can also sleep in tree holes, but dens provide more protection from the elements and predators.

Squirrels typically sleep curled up in a ball to conserve body heat and stay warm. They may take short naps during the day to give themselves a break from their busy lives. These naps may be used to nurse babies or as a way of resting from foraging and climbing activities.

In addition to acorns, seed-producing plants like sunflowers make up a large part of the squirrel’s diet. They’re also known to raid bird or duck nests for eggs.

In the winter, squirrels usually spend time in their underground dens or in a tree hole. However, if the weather becomes too cold or their nests and dens are destroyed by predators or other natural elements, they may invade homes, particularly attics, to find warmth and shelter.


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