Where Do Snakes Sleep?

December 29, 2023

You might have the idea that snakes never sleep, but this isn’t necessarily true. Like all animals, snakes need rest to survive and maintain their health. In the wild, snakes are known to brumate for short periods during the winter, as well as hibernate in their dens or other locations such as people’s basements. During these times, snakes are usually quite active and will be able to hunt for food as they do so.

The winter is one of the most common seasons when you’ll see snakes brumating or hibernating, as the cold weather makes it hard for them to find prey. This is because most foods have gone dormant or died during the winter. For this reason, snakes are able to slow their metabolism and conserve energy during these months by sleeping for weeks or up to four months. This is called brumation and is a form of hibernation that allows all cold-blooded animals to survive the frigid temperatures and harsh conditions.

Snakes that brumate in the winter will typically spend 16 hours per day asleep. However, this can climb to 20 hours if the snake has recently eaten.

It can be difficult to tell when a snake is sleeping or awake, as they have no eyelids. You can however look for certain indicators to determine whether the snake is snoozing. One of the most important factors is that snakes are typically quite still when they’re snoozing, and they won’t twitch or move.


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