Where Do Seagulls Sleep?

November 4, 2023

Seagulls have a lot to keep in mind when deciding where they can safely take a nap. Not only do they have to be wary of bigger whales and sharks, but they also must watch out for eagles that may be hovering over them looking for an easy meal. Because of this, you will often see a flock of seagulls sleeping together on the beach or other coastal areas where they feel safe from predators. Interestingly, these seabirds will actually open their eyes as they sleep so that they can keep an eye on what is going on around them. This is a behavior called unihemispheric slow-wave sleep, and it allows the bird to stay alert while still getting some rest.

You can also sometimes spot a single seagull sleeping alone on the water or even on the ground. This is a behavior known as solitary roosting, and it can occur for a variety of reasons. It may be because there are no suitable communal roosting sites nearby, or it could be that the individual seagull prefers to sleep in a different environment to avoid potential disturbances.

Many gulls will opt to sleep on the water during nighttime because it can help them conserve body heat, especially in cold environments. They will usually sleep at night when the waters are calm and there aren’t many other predators present. You can also often find them sleeping on the open water during the daytime, particularly at places where they can scavenge for food, such as dumpsters and fast food restaurants right near bodies of water.


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