Where Do Seagulls Sleep at Night?

December 12, 2023

Seagulls are often spotted at beaches, piers and other coastal areas where they hunt for food. But what do these seabirds do when they go to sleep at night? Where do they find a safe and quiet place to slumber? This article will answer these questions and more!

The open water is a natural sleeping spot for many seagulls. They are naturally buoyant and can float on the surface of lakes, rivers, oceans or even in boats. In addition, the open water offers protection from land-based predators and it’s a good spot for breeding birds to keep their eggs and chicks safe.

When seagulls float in the water, they’re also in a position to quickly take flight if there is any danger nearby. For this reason, they prefer to sleep in the calm waters at dusk or just after dawn. In fact, breeding gulls will time their naps with their young’s feeding times to ensure that they are well-fed and protected from any potential predators.

Inland areas are another common spot for gulls to slumber at night. This may seem strange since gulls are associated with the beach but there’s a good reason for this. The open fields, parks and parking lots of cities and towns make for excellent roosting locations as they offer seagulls a safe and comfortable place to slumber away from any danger.

In order to ensure that they are able to keep an eye out for any potential threats, gulls will regularly open and close their eyes during their slumber. This process is called unihemispheric sleep and it allows half of the bird’s brain to remain awake to monitor their surroundings.


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