Where Do Scorpions Hide in Las Vegas?

April 8, 2023

When the sun rises in Las Vegas, scorpions hide in dark, damp areas like bushes and landscaping. They also seek shelter in cool, moist, dark corners of buildings and homes when temperatures are warm.

When they're not hiding, scorpions can be found under stones, logs, boards, rubbish, and the loose bark of fallen trees and posts. Some species make burrows, which can be up to a meter deep, depending on the conditions.

Inside The Home

Scorpions are attracted to dark, damp areas that provide cooling shade, such as the laundry room and closets where clothes are often piled up. If you're storing items in these areas, shake them out carefully before putting them away.

The Shower or Bathtub

If you have a bathtub or shower, scorpions will often climb in during the night and emerge when the sun starts to shine. This is especially common during the hot summer months in Nevada, when they're looking for a cool, moist spot to get out of the heat.

Dryer Ducts

Because heating and cooling ducts run along the outside of a building, scorpions can easily enter if they find their way through a poorly-screened vent or an opening that's not well-sealed. This can occur in older buildings as well as newer ones that haven't been properly sealed or screened.

In The Garage and Basement

Because garages and basements are rarely completely insulated, they can be ideal spots for scorpions to hide and breed. If you have a garage or a basement, be sure to seal doors and windows and check the insulation regularly. Inspect the area for cracks in the foundation, attic vents that aren't screened, and other entry points.


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