Where Do Robins Sleep?

November 14, 2023

Web jul 1, 2020

Robins are known for their cheerful song and love of the garden, but did you know they need a little extra sleep at night? They’re diurnal birds, meaning they’re active during the day and then sleep at night. They’re also vulnerable to predators, which makes it important for them to find a safe and hidden place to rest at night.

Robins often sleep in shrubbery and dense bushes because they offer protection from the elements and predators, making them a perfect choice for overnight nesting. Sheds are another popular sleeping option for robins, as they provide warmth and are difficult (if not impossible) to access for predatory animals. If you have a shed in your backyard, you might be surprised to see robins nesting inside it at night!

A robin’s preference for low-hanging branches and the nooks and crannies of trees also makes them an ideal sleeping spot. They’ll also roost in the lower branches of man-made structures like birdhouses, if they are free from predators and bright lights.

In winter, robins often roost in clusters to conserve energy and stay warm, but they can also be found slumbering alone or in small groups. If you want to attract robins to your yard, try planting native fruit trees and shrubs that will provide a nutritious meal for them. Then, create a safe haven for them in your garden by efficiently fencing off cats and foxes to keep them away.


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