Where Do Robins Sleep at Night in Winter?

December 19, 2023

In winter, robins need to find warm places to sleep. They are often seen huddled in the snow, protected by multiple layers of feathers which insulate them. They also puff their feathers out on cold days – this helps to conserve the body’s energy. Their down feathers, which are right next to the belly, provide the most warmth.

They seek out bushes and hedge banks for shelter at night. They also prefer log piles as they offer protection from cold air and storms. Robins can also sleep on the ground but do not like it because they are more likely to be discovered by predators. Predators such as cats, foxes, raccoons and Great Horned and Barred Owls prey on robins.

Robins can also roost in the eaves of houses, barns and other disused buildings. They also use the sheltered spots inside birdhouses. Usually, robins roost alone but may be found in pairs during the day. If a robin has babies, the mother will spend the night with them until the young are able to fly.

Like all birds, robins need a good amount of rest to recover from the activities that they do throughout the day. A robin can sleep up to 16 hours at night in winter. Fledglings will typically sleep longer than adults. They also take short naps during the day to keep their energy levels up.


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