Where Do Rhinoceroses Sleep?

December 10, 2023

Despite their large size, rhinos are known to sleep for up to eight hours a day. This resting is often done in mud wallows, where they will roll around and rub their horns into the sediment. The mud is not only cooling, but it also helps protect their skin from the sun and wards off parasites.

Rhinoceroses are mainly solitary, but some species do form groups called crashes. These groups are usually made up of a female and her young, although older females may join a group for a short period of time, before returning to their solo lives. Males of both black and white rhinos are largely solitary but may occasionally join crashes with other males.

Black rhinos are typically more solitary than white rhinos, and male black rhinos tend to be more territorial than bulls of other races. They are also much more active at night than their counterparts, and spend the day in heavy cover.

These rhinos are primarily herbivores and feed on branches, fruit, leaves, twigs, and stems. They do not have teeth in the front of their mouths so they use their lips to pluck food. They prefer to forage in the cool of the night and at dawn and dusk, and can be found napping during the hot part of the day.

Even when they are sleeping, these giants are incredibly alert and can easily wake up from a sound, such as a redbilled oxpecker (or tick bird) perched on their back. These birds live off the pesky parasites that crawl on their rhino friends’ thick skin, and help to keep them safe by warning them of danger with loud cries.


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