Where Do Red Foxes Sleep?

November 2, 2023

Foxes are largely nocturnal, hunting mice and voles at night and resting during the day. They often lie curled up in a ball, their noses in their fluffy tails to keep warm. They usually sleep close to their den, a underground burrow of tunnels where they store food and nurse their young.

If they are in danger, a fox may retreat into its den to protect itself from predators. However, it may also choose to sleep outside where there is good cover to hide from a potential predator. During rainy weather, foxes often dig temporary burrows or shelter in rabbit holes to get out of the rain. They hate to be wet and will avoid the water whenever possible.

During the day, foxes rest in regular spots, typically above ground and close to where they have been active. It is not uncommon for a fox to be seen 'hoovering up' craneflies and moths in the autumn. They may also be found resting in a reed bed, on a rocky hillside or even in a human pauper grave. Indeed, a vixen has been known to disrupt the funeral ceremonies of people in Britain, prompting Wandsworth council to review their policy on the use of such pauper graves.

In rural areas foxes usually sleep in earths, which they either dig or remodel after their previous owners (e.g. a wood rat or striped skunk) have abandoned them. In urban areas foxes often use shed roofs or boulder scree as daytime resting sites. A fox's preference for certain surfaces or places will depend on the habitat, the season and whether it is patrolling its territory.


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