Where Do Racoons Sleep?

November 9, 2023

A raccoon needs shelter for the day, but it also needs a place to sleep at night. These opportunistic animals are able to find shelter in a variety of places, including large holes in trees and the hollow parts of fallen logs. They can also discover refuge in deserted cars, attic rooms, crawl spaces, barns, and sheds. During breeding period and severe winter conditions, however, raccoons will typically stay in the same den for longer periods of time.

Racoons are foraging omnivores that search for food during the night. That’s why homeowners may notice them digging through trash cans and rummaging around the garbage in their backyards at night. While they tend to be active during the day, they are primarily nocturnal and prefer to sleep until sunset.

Raccoons are solitary animals that live alone except during mating or raising babies. They have what’s called a home range that they stake their claim to, which is typically about 18 square miles. The larger the raccoon, the bigger its range will be. In urban settings, raccoons will usually have smaller home ranges than in rural areas.

The first thing that a homeowner should do is make sure that the raccoon has a safe and secure place to sleep during the day. They should look for a raccoon hole or nest that is a good distance away from any human structures. This is because if the raccoon feels threatened or uncomfortable, it will likely attack.


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