Where Do Rabbits Sleep?

November 11, 2023

Rabbits are adorable little creatures. Their long ears and fluffy cheeks make them a favorite of pet owners and people alike. But how do they sleep? In this article, I’ll be answering the question of where do rabbits sleep, as well as other related questions.

Rabbits can sleep in a variety of positions, although they tend to sleep in a semi-sitting position so that they can quickly wake up if something dangerous happens. They often take naps in their dens or in other areas where they can feel safe and secure. If they’re sleeping in the open, you may see them with their ears folded down or out to one side, which is a good sign that they’re asleep.

If they’re sleeping on a hard surface, it’s best to put a fleece blanket down for them so that they don’t develop sore hocks (the heels of their back feet can become rough and sore from hopping up and down on the floor). They can also sleep in a ball or curl up into a hutch or rabbit house, where they feel protected and secure.

Wild rabbits will return to their underground system of tunnels or a den (also known as a warren) as night falls. They will snuggle with family members or other rabbits to feel safe and warm as they snooze through the night.

Pet rabbits will typically sleep in the same place for a long time, so they will begin to associate that particular spot with a feeling of safety and security. It’s likely that they will also begin to dream as they snooze, just like humans.


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