Where Do Praying Mantis Sleep?

December 29, 2023

Praying mantises are renowned for their extreme camouflage, agility and carnivorous diet. They also have a unique ability to turn their heads 180 degrees without moving the rest of their bodies, giving them an ambush predator’s advantage as they stalk prey. But these fascinating creatures aren’t as docile and peaceful as they appear, and they have some very strange habits that may surprise you. From sexual cannibalism to telekinesis to even a little bit of self-mutilation, praying mantises have a lot going on.

The good news is that praying mantis do sleep, but they’re not as active during the night as they are during the day. You can usually tell that a mantis is sleeping by their low levels of activity and changes in posture and position, such as tucking their head under their thorax or folding their legs beneath them.

Amongst Vegetation: Ground-dwelling species of praying mantis often choose to rest in grass or shrubbery, where the green hue offers natural camouflage protection from predators. They can also be found perched atop garden structures like trellises or fences, and some species are known to climb on tree trunks. In Man-Made Objects: It’s not uncommon for praying mantis to take shelter under eaves or roof overhangs, where the sheltered spots offer privacy and security during their resting periods. They can be seen hanging out on window frames and sills, as well.

While it isn’t clear why praying mantis sleep, some scientists think that the insect may experience metabolic changes during this time that can help regulate their immune system. This is based on similar studies of fruit flies, which have been shown to have stronger immune responses when they’re allowed to sleep properly.


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