Where Do Possums Sleep in the Daytime?

January 6, 2024

Possums are well-adapted to their nocturnal lifestyle, with a variety of natural adaptations to help them hunt, forage and rest. These furry creatures are secretive animals, concealing their activities from predators and humans. They require safe, secure hiding places to retreat to during the daytime. These locations vary based on factors such as safety, protection from predators, temperature regulation and accessibility to food sources.

As such, possums often retreat to dense forest landscapes and woodlands for their daytime slumbers. The tangled branches and thick foliage provide natural camouflage, with their brown and grey fur seamlessly blending in among the trees and shrubbery. These natural retreats also offer protection from terrestrial predators, such as birds of prey and feral cats, who cannot easily reach them in the treetops.

Additionally, a possum’s prehensile tail helps them expertly navigate between trees and shrubs to find the perfect spot to hide during the daytime. They may nestle into a hollowed out tree trunk or branch, within a bush or log pile, behind anything stacked against the ground, such as BBQs, sheds or decks, or under the ground, such as garden beds or underneath a home’s foundations.

In more rugged environments, possums seek shelter in caves and rock crevices. These naturally formed spots, which are usually narrow and difficult to access by predators, also offer protection from harsh weather conditions and colder temperatures. Possums may also tuck themselves into abandoned animal burrows or even take over the dens of other wildlife, such as woodchucks.


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