Where Do Possums Sleep at Night?

December 25, 2023

Possums are nocturnal creatures that require safe, secure places to sleep during the daytime. These animals choose these hideouts based on factors like protection from predators and temperature regulation. They also consider accessibility to food sources.

Some possums are arboreal, while others are terrestrial, and each species has specific sleeping habits. Possums that are arboreal prefer to sleep in tree hollows or nests because their climbing skills allow them to sleep safely and undisturbed by predators or harsh weather conditions. These hollows are a great place for them to regulate their body temperature, and they often use leaves or grass as bedding material.

The solitary Western pygmy-possum (Trichosurus microcephalus), which is found in rocky regions of Australia, sleeps on rock ledges and in caves. It is the smallest possum in the world and is one of the most widely distributed. This possum is the most vulnerable to stress and has the lowest survival rate of any Australian native.

Other possums, such as the Common brushtail possum (Pomacea Australis), will build a dome-shaped nest made up of stacks of dry leaves in tree-cavities or rotten wood. These nests are commonly known as dreys. In more urban areas, where natural tree hollows are scarce, possums will seek shelter in attics and roof spaces.

However, possums may also take up residence in abandoned burrows, rock crevices, log piles, or even in human homes. This is not ideal as it can lead to disease and other issues. In addition, possums can wreak havoc on gardens and backyards, eating plants, vegetables, and worms.


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