Where Do Pigs Sleep?

October 20, 2023

Pigs like to sleep in areas that feel comfortable for them. Depending on the pen, this could be anything from a hay kitchen to an open field. Each pig will have its own favourite spot. Tanni loves plonking herself in the middle of her pig house where she can jump up or crawl into, Hafina is happy to sleep in her pellet bowl, and Nerys prefers to go for a lie down on the floor of her pen.

Pig pens need to be large enough for pigs to have sufficient space to stretch out and feel at home. The bedding areas should also be large enough to allow them to huddle together and be warm. When pigs sleep on their back with their legs tucked underneath them it can indicate that the pen is too cold.

Wild hogs are food-driven creatures and will move around to locate a variety of different foods. They tend to favor wet, swampy areas that are full of acorns, vegetables and insects in warmer weather. But in February these areas may be low in food options, and hogs will be forced to travel further to find viable sources of nutrition.

Pigs communicate constantly, and not just with their omnipresent “oink.” They can produce over 20 different sounds, each with its own meaning. In fact, a pig’s squeal can reach 115 decibels – more than the noise produced by a supersonic Concorde. They are also incredibly social animals, and will often snuggle nose-to-nose.


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