Where Do Pigeons Sleep at Night?

October 14, 2023

As a very social species, wild and domestic pigeons prefer to stay close to one another while they sleep. They are known to form large flocks in the same roosting area where they will remain all through the night. This is also the reason why you may not find a single pigeon snoozing alone in the middle of a busy street or alleyway. They usually roost in groups of anywhere from 50 to as many as 500 birds.

Where Do Pigeons Go to Sleep at Night?

During the night, pigeons seek out warm and well-protected shelters to sleep in. These include rooftops, skyscraper buildings, crevices in cliffs or bridges, and even cracks or crevices in stone structures. They prefer to choose a spot that is high off the ground so they can avoid ground predators. When nesting, pigeons will guard their eggs or young chicks and sleep in the nests until they are ready to take off. However, after the breeding season is over, they will leave the nests to find new sleeping places for the rest of the year.

When they are sleeping, pigeons tend to keep one eye open and their wings extended. This is because they are very good at recognizing potential threats to their safety and security. They also have the ability to reorient themselves and awaken from unihemispheric slow-wave sleep (USW), which allows them to keep one side of their brain active and remain alert.


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