Where Do Pheasants Sleep?

December 5, 2023

Pheasants have a very specific sleep pattern that is different to other bird species. They spend their nights roosting in trees and take naps during the day when they need to catch up on their energy levels.

When they are out in the wild pheasants like to find somewhere high up and leafy to sleep at night as this gives them protection from predators. They are prey birds and are hunted by cats, foxes, owls, raccoons and humans so they need to find somewhere that will help them avoid these dangers.

During the day they will roost on the ground but will move into trees or other higher cover if necessary. They will also use grass and weeds as a form of camouflage as their bronze, brown or black plumage can blend in easily with the greens and tans of their natural surroundings.

It is important for pheasants to roost in tall cover as it helps to keep them warm. They will also take short naps during the day when they are feeling tired as this helps them to conserve their energy levels.

In the morning they will eat their version of breakfast (grit) and then head off into agriculture sites looking for food sources. They tend to be at their best in wide open grain fields but will also do well in hayfields, small gardens and any areas that provide dense covering. Once they have found their food source they will forage throughout the day and then fly up to their roost at night.


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