Where Do Pandas Sleep?

November 6, 2023

When they aren't eating bamboo by the pound or climbing high to forage, pandas spend the majority of their day snoozing. These big bears — who are solitary by nature — take their rest and naps seriously. They may sleep on the ground, up in trees or in caves.

Unlike other bear species, giant pandas are not picky when it comes to their sleeping locations. They will fall asleep on the forest floor, tuck themselves into tree hollows or even use their long tails as wraparound blankets in their chilly mountain habitat. However, much of their time is spent on the food-foraging trail so they only sleep for 2-4 hours at a time.

In captivity, giant pandas are kept in areas that are as close to their natural habitat as possible. Zoos keep their pandas in an environment that is filled with trees and bamboo so they don't get bored while they snooze. The zoos have also created sleeping areas that are covered with branches so the pandas can feel more comfortable while they snooze.

In the wild, a panda's sleeping area will be close to the bamboo they forage and other natural shelters such as rock dens or tree stumps. In some areas, forest clearing and cultivation have encircled panda habitat to the point that it's difficult for these animals to find safe places to rest and nest. As a result, the population of many pandas are growing smaller and small, and they are becoming more vulnerable to cold weather, disease and predators.


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