Where Do Outside Cats Sleep?

October 30, 2023

Cats that live in the wild face a great deal of peril. They are at risk from predators, they could get lost while searching for food, or they may be hit by cars. They are also at a greater risk for diseases as they roam the streets and countryside in search of food and water. They will therefore seek a safe place to sleep when it gets dark outside.

Cat owners often wonder where do outside cats sleep at night? While some indoor cats are reluctant to go outside once the sun sets, other cats will want to explore. They may find a new territory, they might be looking for a partner to breed with or they might simply prefer the fresh air and quiet of an outdoor space.

When it comes to settling down for the night, outdoor cats will look for places that are warm and sheltered from the elements. They will often choose a cave, hollow tree, or secluded outbuilding such as a shed, barn, or stables. They will usually pick somewhere that is a good distance from the house as they do not like being disturbed while they are asleep.

Some cats will even huddle together in order to keep warm and stay out of the wind. This is a particularly common behavior among feral and stray cats.

Before a cat settles down to sleep, they will usually prepare their area by moving twigs, prickly underbrush, and debris away from the spot. They will also circle their sleeping area and knead the grass or dirt beneath them in order to make sure it is comfortable.


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