Where Do Outdoor Cats Sleep?

November 11, 2023

When the sun goes down, outdoor cats seek a safe place to sleep. Whether they are pet cats that spend most of their lives inside the house or stray or feral cats living the wild life, both need to feel protected from predators and weather and be in an environment where they can find warmth and comfort.

Backyards are a common sleeping spot for outdoor cats as these spaces offer shelter, cool places, and hiding spots to these creatures. During the day, it isn’t unusual to see a cat resting on shelves or wicker chairs in backyards, but as soon as dusk sets in, these cats quickly seek a cool and quiet area to sleep for the night.

Fallen trees provide a perfect shelter during the day and at night for outdoor cats as they offer protection, food like mice or lizards, and the ability to hide from hunters. Outdoor cats often dig holes beneath these fallen trees to take their afternoon naps and to have lunch. Brambles also make a great protective spot for outdoor cats as they are covered by thorns and therefore prevent other animals from disturbing their snooze.

Straw or hay is recommended to use as bedding for outdoor cats as it repels moisture. It’s best to put the straw at least three feet from the entrance of the cat house and use a schedule of nighttime treats to help the pet settle into their new space as the house shuts down for the night.


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