Where Do Mourning Doves Sleep?

January 1, 2024

Mourning Doves are beautiful creatures, but like any animal they require a safe place to sleep and rest at night. This is especially important when they are young and still developing, since this is the time that they are most vulnerable to predators. When you want to attract Mourning doves to your home, it is vital that you set up a sleeping cage that is comfortable, quiet, dark and isolated from potential predators. This will ensure that they are happy and comfortable at night, allowing them to make it their permanent home.

Mourning doves are known to roost and sleep in a variety of environments, including open savannas, grasslands and grassy mountains. However, they are also quite adaptable and can be found in urban, suburban and rural areas. They typically look for secluded spots where they can remain hidden and protected from predators, such as rocky outcroppings or dead tree branches.

While at rest, mourning doves assume a typical bird sleeping position by tucking their heads underneath their feathery shoulders. This keeps their head as close to their body as possible and helps them maintain a warm temperature. They may also puff up their bodies slightly to conserve heat. Additionally, they will often roost in groups, which provides them with added warmth and safety.

Interestingly enough, doves can sleep with their eyes open, if they are especially worried about certain predators. This is due to the fact that their eyes can only send information to one hemisphere of their brain, which allows them to shut down half of their thought process.


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