Where Do Mountain Lions Sleep?

December 1, 2023

Lions are powerful, awe-inspiring creatures, but they also need to rest. The big cats typically spend 14 hours a day sleeping and can take up to an hour to reach the state of REM sleep. Their naps are important, as they need to recharge their batteries to continue their search for food and territory.

When it comes to finding the best place to rest, mountain lions have many options. They choose locations that provide protection and camouflage, such as secluded caves, dense thickets, or rocky crevices. This helps them minimize the risk of encounters with other mountain lions or predators, as well as human disturbances.

They also seek out places that are cool, shaded, and dry, especially in the summer. A rock covered with heavy vegetation or a deep gulley can help them find the perfect spot to get some shut eye. In addition, they often rest near streams or waterfalls, which can provide water and shade at the same time.

It’s no wonder they’re so elusive; these wild animals are constantly on the move and looking for the next best resting place. Unfortunately, too many of these spots are being disturbed by humans, causing stress and displacement for mountain lions. As a result, their natural sleeping habitats are being lost. Let’s work together to ensure that mountain lions have the protected, undisturbed spaces they need for good health and survival.


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