Where Do Mice Sleep?

November 15, 2023

Many homeowners awaken to scurrying noises in their walls or bedding when mice are present in the home. They also hear scratching sounds from the wall or floor, which is mice chewing to file their teeth and create nest materials for their young.

Mice are nocturnal and are active at night, though they may be out during the day as well to search for food or take care of their young. When mice are out in the open during the day, it is often because their homes have been invaded by predators, or larger animals have evicted them from their nests for other reasons, like when a mother mouse has her babies.

In the wild, mice live in underground burrows or in a variety of other places where they have access to shelter and plenty of food sources. These places include crawl spaces, attics, sheds, garages and woodpiles.

Cluttered areas full of junk mail, cardboard boxes and other scrap materials are ideal places for mice to live because they offer a lot of hiding spots and areas where they can build cozy nests. They are also often close to food sources in the house.

If you suspect mice are living in your home, look for signs of activity, such as mouse droppings and squeaking sounds. You may also notice chewed up paper, cardboard and insulation. If you are able to catch the mice before they make their way into your bed, it is easier to control their population.


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