Where Do Many Desert Animals Sleep During the Day?

October 16, 2023

The answer to the question of where do many desert animals sleep during the day is surprisingly simple. The best place for these critters to catch some shut eye is underground in their burrows during the heat of the day. The cool earth below the sand provides some much needed shade and it’s also a good place for these creatures to keep their body temperature stable.

In addition, animals that live in the desert are adapted to be nocturnal, so they are not exposed to the harshness of the midday sun. Animals such as the kangaroo rat, meerkat, and fennec fox can often be found tucked away in their burrows during the daytime.

Other desert animals such as the southwestern speckled rattlesnake, addax antelope, and the elf owl alter their periods of activity seasonally to adapt to the changing temperatures. The fennec fox has those huge ears for a reason; they help them to dissipate heat and to hear their prey as they burrow in the sand.

Even some insects like the silver ants can be seen resting in the shade during the daytime. These ants are coated in metallic hairs which reflect the glaring sunlight, keeping them cool. The armadillo lizard, native to South African deserts, is another creature that hides out during the daytime; it rolls itself into a tight ball when it feels threatened. This helps to protect it from the venom of scorpions.


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