Where Do Kittens Sleep?

December 1, 2023

Getting your kitten to sleep through the night will depend on three things: providing them with a safe space to do so, making them feel at home, and establishing a routine. In this article, we’ll go through each of these steps, so you can get your new kitten sleeping well in no time!

Kittens are usually born to a litter and are often kept close to their mother, as they can’t regulate their body heat without her. They also need to stay alert, so they can eat and take care of themselves. During this stage, they can be easily woken up as they twitch and make noises while in their sleep, known as REM (rapid eye movement).

When you bring a kitten into your home, it’s important to give them a warm, quiet place where they can sleep. A small bed or blanket will do the trick, but it’s best to start them off with a bed that’s specially designed for cats and kittens. This will stimulate a sense of security and is perfect for the first nights or weeks that they spend in their new home.

Kittens tend to sleep up high, as they can see what’s going on around them better this way. A small crate or cat igloo is a great option as it’s cozy and encourages them to sleep. It’s also a good idea to add a soft blanket or kitten toys to their bed for a warm and comfortable atmosphere.


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