Where Do Kittens Sleep at Night?

November 25, 2023

When a new kitten arrives at their home, it’s important that they have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. They are used to sleeping next to their mother and siblings so they may be worried about spending their first night on their own. Fortunately, there are many options for the best places for kittens to sleep at night.

Kittens spend 90 percent of their time asleep, so they need a cozy and warm place to rest at night. Ideally, they should sleep somewhere that is quiet and away from distractions. This could be in your bed or a separate room. The best place for a kitten to sleep depends on their age and personality. Newborns tend to need more sleep than older kittens.

As a rule, kittens prefer to sleep in small spaces. A pet bed specifically made for cats can be a good option. Make sure that it is large enough for your kitten and is not too high. This will encourage them to use it, rather than simply lying on top of it.

It’s also helpful if the bed is near something that is soft, such as a blanket or cushion. Kittens love to snuggle up against things that are soft and warm. Additionally, you can try playing calming music or using natural sleep remedies such as melatonin to help your kitten fall to sleep. Just be sure to check on your kitten regularly throughout the night to ensure that they are not in any discomfort or are in danger.


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