Where Do Hummingbirds Sleep When It Rains?

December 21, 2023

Hummingbirds may look delicate and fragile, but they are surprisingly hardy creatures that can endure a number of different weather conditions. When it comes to rain, hummingbirds typically take shelter from the weather by hiding in trees and shrubs. They also have a unique ability to enter a state of hibernation, called Torpor, that helps them conserve energy during severe storms.

During light rain, hummingbirds will often continue flying and eating without interruption. However, as the rain becomes heavier and more persistent, they will look for sheltered areas to hide. They can find these areas in a variety of places, including tree branches, dense leaves, and even overhangs or porches.

In addition to finding shelter, hummingbirds will also try to avoid getting too wet. If their feathers are soaked, it will take them more energy to fly, and they may lose some of the finer details in their flight. To avoid this, hummingbirds will usually fluff their feathers when they perch and preen them by using their beaks to remove any dirt or debris that may have collected.

Another way hummingbirds deal with the rain is by taking advantage of the natural insulation offered by their feathers. During heavy rain, they will puff up their feathers to create an extra layer of warmth that protects them from the cold.


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