Where Do Gorillas Sleep?

December 22, 2023

The lives of mountain gorillas mesmerize many travelers and there are a lot of questions about their daily routine. One of the most commonly asked questions is, where do gorillas sleep? Well, they usually sleep in nests that they make themselves on the ground or on trees. Moreover, they are nomadic animals and move around their home range depending on the security situation and availability of fruits and vegetables. Just before the sun goes down, they start looking for a safe place to settle and rest for the night.

In the wild, each gorilla in a troop constructs its own nest on the ground or in trees using branches, leaves and other plant materials. At Smithsonian’s National Zoo, keepers provide timothy hay and wood wool to aid nest-building. Nests on the ground are preferred by infants while those in trees are generally constructed by females and older individuals.

At night, the troop members tuck in and sleep in their nests for about 12 hours. In the morning, they are up and about in search of food for the day. Like other great apes, gorillas are herbivorous and spend about 85% of their time eating plants. They are known to eat stems, roots and barks as well as leaves, flowers and fruit.

Gorillas are very peaceful creatures and exhibit aggressive behavior only when threatened. They may charge at perceived intruders and their displays include beating of chests, stiff legs and vocalizations such as roars or hoots.


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