Where Do Goats Sleep?

December 27, 2023

Goats are known to be light sleepers, and it can be challenging to catch them snoozing in the dark. Their sleeping habits are influenced by their environment and the level of alertness they need to survive.

The amount of sleep goats need varies depending on the species, and wild goats need more sleep than domesticated ones. However, it is important that your goats get the right amount of rest so they can be healthy and productive.

In the wild, where do goats sleep? In general, goats prefer to sleep in a hidden spot where they feel safe from predators. It is common for goats to hide in tall grasses or bushes, but they can also be found sleeping on elevated surfaces like rocks, logs, or fence posts. This is because they enjoy the feeling of being perched up off the ground and away from potential predators.

They may sleep lying down or standing up, but they will always keep their eyes closed to remain vigilant and alert for any threats that might come their way. Unlike horses, goats do not have the ability to lock in their legs while they sleep, so they must be careful about sleeping in an upright position or they might fall over.

If you keep your goats in a barn or shelter at night, it is a good idea to provide them with soft bedding as in hay or some old clean rags and blankets. In addition, you should make sure the ground is warm so that it does not freeze in colder climates. Providing the right bedding for your goats will also help them stay cleaner and healthier, so you will not have to worry about scours or other health problems.


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