Where Do Foxes Sleep?

October 29, 2023

A fox’s sleeping habits can be complex and vary greatly. Several factors influence where and when they choose to catch some Zs, including weather, age, and whether they are guarding young cubs or not. Young foxes, or kits, require more rest than older foxes to help them grow and develop their hunting skills and to keep up with the pace of life in the wild. A fox that has been sick or injured may need to sleep more as well.

In general, foxes are nocturnal creatures and do most of their hunting at night. During the day, they spend time resting or hiding to stay safe from predators and other dangers. They may also rest in a den or other areas protected from harsh weather conditions.

As with any animal, a good night’s sleep is vital to its survival. A snooze allows the body to conserve energy, repair tissues, regulate hormones, and engage in cognitive activities such as memory consolidation.

Having a solid snooze can also help a fox save energy while out on the hunt, as small animals tend to come out at night when it’s cooler and safer. In addition, a fox’s body can heal any injuries or ouchies while asleep, which is important if they are going to be out and about on the hunt again the next day. They also need to refill their energy tanks for all that running and sneaky hunting!


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