Where Do Fox Sleep?

November 8, 2023

Unlike dogs or cats, foxes are not bothered by heat and cold and can sleep in the open. It is believed that a fox’s tail acts as a sort of blanket for the body and keeps it warm. It is also known that a fox can save energy by breathing through its tail instead of the nose.

In the wild, a fox will normally sleep for eight hours or more in a day and will usually wake up several times in order to be alert to any predators approaching. During winter, a fox will sleep for around 12 hours each day.

The location of where a fox chooses to sleep will vary depending on the time of year and what is going on. For example, if it is very hot a fox may decide to sleep in the sun, whilst during colder weather a fox will often prefer to stay sheltered in a den.

Most foxes own several dens and will use these for a variety of purposes including maternity dens during the breeding season where young cubs are raised. These dens are often in a secluded location with plenty of ground cover and can be found in thick woodland, in rocky crevices or even under houses or other discarded rubble piles.

Foxes are able to scale trees with ease and have been seen resting in the branches of a number of different species. They can also be seen ‘hopping’ between various branches to find the best position from which to remain off the ground and out of reach of any predators that might be lurking below them. Roger Burrows, writing in Wild Fox, observed that a fox sleeping curled up on a patch of blackberry was breathing only one breath every twenty seconds, compared to the average rate of around 10 breaths per minute for a human or dog.


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