Where Do Flies Sleep at Night?

November 2, 2023

If you have a fly infestation at home, you may notice that those annoying pests always seem to disappear after sunset. So where do flies sleep at night?

In nature, flies like common house flies, flesh flies and bottle flies become inactive at night since they require polarized light to guide them visually. Additionally, the temperature drops at night, making flies slow and lazy. Therefore, as soon as the sun sets in, they look for a suitable spot where they can sleep.

They prefer places that are hidden and protected, e.g., gaps in walls or the underside of leaves and twigs. They also opt to rest near food sources and breeding grounds to avoid predators. Inside the house, flies typically choose dark corners or areas with plenty of food and water such as garbage cans.

It is also important for flies to have a place to rest because sleep is essential for the proper functioning of their central nervous system. Scientists have discovered that flies have different sleep stages just like humans, and that sleep is a crucial part of life for any living creature.

Without adequate rest, a fly’s brain can’t function properly, so it becomes weak and vulnerable to attacks from predators or other threats. This is why it is important for all species to have enough time to rest and recharge their batteries. If you ever encounter a fly that’s causing you trouble, just remember that the little pest is probably catching some quality Zs and preparing for the day when it will be able to pounce on your head with a furious pout!


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