Where Do Firefighters Sleep?

November 13, 2023

Firefighters are human just like everyone else and require sleep to function properly. However, when it comes to sleeping firefighters don’t have what most would consider a typical sleep schedule and are constantly interrupted by calls for emergency situations. They also can’t simply go home to get a good night’s rest because they are required to be close to the station and ready for the next call out at a moment’s notice.

The answer to the question of where do firefighters sleep is a bit complicated, but most fire stations have designated sleeping quarters and allow firefighters to sleep while on shift. In older fire houses this could mean bunk beds or in more modern stations, they may have rooms with separate beds that are assigned to different shifts. However, this is all dependent on how busy the department is regularly and whether a firefighter is required to be at the station for a call at any time.

While there are varying factors, most firefighters do sleep at the firehouse as it is usually the only place they can get a decent night’s rest. This is especially true for firefighters that work on a 24-hour on, 48-hour off shift and are required to be at the firehouse during those hours. Even if they are able to sleep at home, they would likely wake up in the middle of the night and have to leave immediately due to an emergency call.


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