Where Do Finches Sleep at Night?

November 24, 2023

Finches are diurnal birds and they need 10 to 12 hours of rest in order to stay healthy. If a bird does not get enough sleep it may develop various health problems. Therefore, pet owners must ensure that their house finches have a comfortable place to sleep at night. They should also remove artificial lights from the cage during the evening.

In the wild, finches fall asleep at dusk and are awake by dawn. They find shelter in the trees, nests or holes that they have occupied during the day. They can even burrow in the ground to avoid harsh weather conditions. Some wild birds such as woodpeckers sleep inside tree cavities, while others like bluebirds and finches use abandoned nests or perches.

As for sleeping habits, finches are divided into two groups according to whether they are perch or nest sleepers. Perch sleepers huddle together during the night in small groups while nest sleepers build their own nests for rest. Nests are usually made out of plant materials such as feathers, string and twigs and they can be simple or elaborate. Some species of finches do not require a nest, such as Gouldians or Society finches.

As for the quality of finches’ sleep, they need to be in a dark environment. Lights in the room will stimulate them to stay awake and thus deprive them of their required rest. Moreover, noisy and disturbing noises may wake them up. However, they should not be allowed to cling onto the perch all night as this could hurt their feet.


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