Where Do Feral Cats Sleep?

January 4, 2024

As feral cats are free to roam, their sleeping environments can vary greatly. Cats in general prefer quiet, hidden places that feel safe and warm. Whether that’s under a hedge or in the back of a van (don’t start your car unless you’ve checked first!), in a cardboard box or nestled amongst piles of rubbish, the deciding factors seem to be if it fits and whether it will keep them safe and protected from predators.

During the daytime, a feral cat may seek out shelter such as a barn or shed, where it’s unlikely that they will be disturbed by people or other animals. Barns can also have hay bales which are popular bedding options for feral cats. Other open buildings like garages or porches, and even bushes and trees will be sought-out locations too. During the night, feral and strays are more likely to venture out of their home territory for food and socialising. Their nocturnal behaviour helps to heighten their senses, making it easier for them to sniff out new prey and other dangers.

It can be difficult to provide a place for feral and strays to sleep, however, by providing a natural shelter, or a man-made shelter that has been properly designed for their needs, it can help them stay warm and comfortable. Ideally, this will be in an area that they already frequent, as this can offer them more safety and security than a location that is unknown to them.


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